About Spotlight Salon & Medspa

April Martinez: The Mind Behind Spotlight Salon & Medspa

Spotlight Salon & Medspa came to life when owner April Hill set forth on a mission to develop a safe way to do lash extensions for those sensitive to them. April is a leader in the beauty industry.

April’s passion for the beauty industry led her to her first salon job, and from there, her passion blossomed into a career. She would then work her way up to a management position of that salon and get her aesthetics license which opened many doors for her in her industry.

Through many years of experience and opportunities, from stay-at-home mom to marketing management, April knew that the beauty industry is where she would ultimately make her dream come true. She would become the beauty business owner and leader that she was always meant to be.

At Spotlight Salon & Medspa, we strive to give you the ultimate beauty experience with our highly trained and skilled professionals and luxury beauty services. Get your confidence back in an afternoon of treatment at our Arcadia lash extension & skincare bar. At Spotlight Salon & Medspa, we believe everyone deserves to shine. Schedule your appointment today and let us shine our spotlight on you.