Phoenix Facial Threading at Spotlight Skin & Lash

At Spotlight Skin & Lash, we specialize in many effective Arcadia hair removal and waxing alternatives. One of those alternatives includes facial threading. Facial threading is ideal for those who have rapidly growing brows or unwanted facial hair. Additionally, it is ideal for those wishing to avoid waxing and plucking, as well as those who like a low-maintenance brow appearance for up to four weeks. Our threading services are customized for each individual to formulate a treatment to fit your face and style. Our specialists work with you to identify the services best fit for you.

Phoenix Threading is the Perfect Waxing Alternative

What is facial threading?

Facial threading is a centuries-old hair removal procedure that originated in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Typically, just the face region is treated as the hairs are extremely fine and therefore much easier to remove. Threading around the brows is a technique that may be used not only to remove hair but also shape and enhance the brows. Unlike tweezing, which removes single hairs one at a time, threading may remove short rows of hair at a time. Eyebrow threading, as opposed to eyebrow waxing, has the advantage of providing more precise control over eyebrow shaping and being kinder on the skin.

Benefits of facial threading include:

  • Threading the brows produces more exact results than waxing
  • A completely natural technique that does not include the use of chemicals
  • Quick results with the typical brow treatment taking less than 15 minutes
  • Not only is it gentler than waxing, but threading can help prevent ingrown hairs
  • This procedure will need a brief spa trip which includes accompanying relaxation
  • Unlike some other hair removal methods, threading is effective on individuals with various skin types and hair colors

How does the process work?

Threading the face is a simple procedure in which our esthetician doubles and twists a thin cotton or polyester thread. As they move their hands over the treatment region, the threads capture undesirable hairs and extract them from the hair follicle’s root. This results in a smooth, manicured appearance for your face region that is free of undesirable facial hair. Threading enables a more defined and precise contour as well as improved brow definition. It is also utilized to get rid of unwanted hair on the upper lip and other areas of the face.

How long does facial threading last?

While everyone’s hair grows at a different rate, threading hair removal can last between two and five weeks on average. Additionally, you may prolong the appearance with less-intensive touch-up sessions than a full-scale brow shaping.

Phoenix Threading Near Me

Are you ready to start your journey into personalized and beautiful brows? Spotlight Skin & Lash is available for you to schedule your appointment today and get started with our team of specialists. At Spotlight Skin & Lash, our facial threading in Arcadia will ensure that you achieve the precise shape and size brows that not only compliment your face but meet your specifications. For more information on our threading services and products, contact us today to schedule an appointment!